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For starters, MODUM provides two distinct products: an Integrated Simulation Model (including an interface for traffic operators) that provides software that models the current and near-future traffic situation on the city’s road network based on sensor data and floating car information, and calculates routing information based on this modelled traffic situation. In addition, MODUM provides applications for mobile phones and for mobile (in-car) devices.

The primary target group for MODUM’s products are city councils. Although road users are not a direct target group for MODUM, they are in itself the target group for the city councils. These latter may buy the “MODUM package” (i.e., the aforementioned products). It is then up to them to see how they will make the outcomes of the implementation of this “MODUM package” accessible to their citizens. For example, city councils may provide their citizens with access to MODUM via a website and/or by offering the MODUM apps. This has already proven to work partially in the case of Sofia, where we coordinated together with Vivacom – Bulgaria’s largest telephone company – to mass-distribute the MODUM app and attract potential commuters to use the app.

In general, the MODUM system provides various benefits for each of its users. It helps to reduce travel times, pollution, and traffic jams. In addition it also allows better traffic control in real time by giving traffic information for the whole city road network. Without MODUM, information is limited to sensor data and covers not the whole road network. Note that the involved mobility and transport operators (in Nottingham and Sofia) have a great deal of experience in terms of investigating professional applications, pilots in the industry, and internal fine-tuning of operations at the forefront. Nothing can be more convincing to other stakeholders than systems already implemented in the real world, together with key individuals speaking the voice of the traffic and transport operators and having experienced impacts from research. This combination is the overlooked element for convincing marketing in many technology-driven seller push approaches.




Dr. Sven Maerivoet
Central Contact for MODUM
Tel. +32 16 31.77.33
Griet De Ceuster
Coordinator of MODUM
Tel. +32 16 31.77.30
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