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The MODUM conference “Building the Bridge from Research to Sustainable Urban Transport Management” took place on Wednesday, 24 September 2014, at the Nottingham Conference Centre (UK).

The purpose of the MODUM Conference was twofold:

On the one hand, the conference was meant to be a dissemination event:
The consortium wanted to show the project’s approach and achievements to relevant stakeholders and spread the knowledge of the project to the scientific community and practitioners.

On the other hand, the conference should also serve as a knowledge exchange event:
The consortium wanted to gain feedback from the conference attendees regarding their opinion about MODUM, possible improvements of the system and potential obstacles for exploitation and practical implementation. Furthermore, the consortium also wanted to learn from other experts’ and projects’ experiences and approaches in the field of sustainable urban transport management.
These two objectives were taken into account already in the planning phase, when the MODUM consortium was developing the conference concept, looking for suitable speakers, and elaborating the agenda.

The conference agenda was carefully designed to achieve the two main objectives of the event – dissemination of MODUM and knowledge exchange:

The first three sessions were dedicated to the dissemination of MODUM’s approach and achievements. – First the coordinator of MODUM gave a comprehensive overview of the project. This was followed by a practical demonstration of the MODUM application, and then representatives of Nottingham, Sofia, and Coventry explained their city’s motivation for the implementation of the MODUM system, and answered questions regarding their practical experience with MODUM.

The following part of the conference was dedicated to knowledge exchange, and encouraged the participants to look beyond their own nose. – First, presentations of two UK initiatives, Transport Systems Catapult and iNet, illustrated how these initiatives support solutions and ideas for bringing forward sustainable transport in the UK. Then three interesting projects, the UK project STRIDE and the European projects HoPE and Push&Pull presented their innovative approaches to sustainable urban mobility. And last but not least, a discussion round gave all participants the opportunity to bring in their personal view on the topics and ask further questions.

There were 38 participants at the MODUM Conference – most of them came from the UK. The audience included staff from local authorities (e.g., city of Nottingham, city of Coventry), transport-related companies (e.g., Imtech Traffic & Infra, Centro, Infohub Ltd.), consultants (e.g., TTR, ITP, KAM Futures), university lecturers and students (from Loughborough University, Manchester Business School, Nottingham Trent University, and Coventry University).

More information, including the presentations from the conference, can be found on the MODUM Website




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