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MODUM is currently tested under real-world conditions


MODUM is currently tested in two cities: in Nottingham (UK) and in Sofia (BG).

On the one hand the MODUM field trials aim to test the application in a real world scenario and obtain the feedback from test users, and on the other hand the purpose of the field trials is also to measure specific performance indicators, such as reduction in carbon emissions and reduction in journey time or change in modal split, to be able to assess the potential impact of the MODUM application. The design of the field trials takes into account this twofold purpose of the test implementation:

In order to be able to measure the specified performance indicators, the trials are conducted across two phases:
  • The first phase, a control period, requires participants to complete 5 journeys as per their typical commuting behaviour with no advice from the system.
  • The second phase sees participants complete at least 20 journeys, where they receive advice from the MODUM system and follow this advice by choosing either the fastest or greenest route to their destination.

To ensure that the travel data gathered across the two phases of the trials are comparable, participants are required to predefine their route origin and destination upon registration.
In order to allow participants to change their travel behaviour also towards increased multimodality, the geographical areas selected in Nottingham and Sofia for the trial study have been chosen to include areas of high traffic density as well as corridors where multi-modal trips are possible (i.e. where there are public transport services, Park&Ride facilities, cycle lanes, etc.) in order to facilitate any combination of single or multimodality.

If you are commuting in one of these study areas in Sofia or in Nottingham, you are invited to obtain first-hand experience of the MODUM application and become a MODUM test user!
For more detailed information, please visit www.transportinnovations.info

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MODUM is currently tested under real-world conditions




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