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The Bulgarian version of the MODUM application is being used in Sofia. There, the MODUM consortium struck a deal with Bulgaria’s largest mobile operator, Vivacom. The MODUM app is available through their app store ViVa Apps. They will also help to promote the app and the MODUM trial in Sofia among their customers. In addition, word of MODUM is being spread through Veloevolution (a cycling NGO) to inform their society about the MODUM app. At the current time of writing, more and more users are registering for participation in the Sofia trials.

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MODUM cooperates with mobile operator in Bulgaria




Dr. Sven Maerivoet
Central Contact for MODUM
Tel. +32 16 31.77.33
Griet De Ceuster
Coordinator of MODUM
Tel. +32 16 31.77.30
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