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During the past few months, individual hardware and software systems in the MODUM project have been successfully integrated and, as part of planned tests, have been operating in the field on a trial basis. The integration effort includes core systems such as the multi-mode decision support tool, the real-time traffic prediction tool and the traffic congestion data simulator, as well as the integration of the overall system with mobile devices to assist and inform the user.

As the result of system integration, users of the MODUM system can use their mobile devices to request a route from a location to a particular destination and after a few moments receive recommended routes. Behind the scenes, the multi-mode decision support tool receives users’ requests and works in tandem with the traffic congestion data simulator as well as the traffic prediction tool to propose optimised multi-modal solutions based on the current and the predicted traffic conditions. Route recommendations take into account several factors, such as travelling times and the effect of the user's journey on CO2 levels.

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Integration of hardware and software systems successfully completed




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