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 - MODUM Newsletter -
Welcome to the second newsletter of the MODUM project!


These are interesting times, as we have just entered the final year of the project and everything is coming together. All the scientific models and technical systems have been developed, implemented, fine-tuned, and are now ready to be deployed. In the coming months we will start the field trials in the cities of Nottingham, Sofia, and Coventry, for which you can find more information within this newsletter. We aim to complete our analyses of the field trials before the summer, well in time leading up to the final conference which will include live demonstrations of the MODUM system. As the MODUM project is taking shape, we have already started exploitation in other EC-related projects, thereby guaranteeing that the MODUM system will have a long and useful lifespan.

And so I invite you to read on, and immerse yourself within the wonderful world of real-time traffic management and predictive routing that MODUM offers!




Dr. Sven Maerivoet
Central Contact for MODUM
Tel. +32 16 31.77.33
Griet De Ceuster
Coordinator of MODUM
Tel. +32 16 31.77.30
The newsletter is published by the MODUM consortium in English and informs about the achievements of the project.
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