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Get Car drivers off disrupted routes in Nottingham


Article written by Evtim Peychev, Nottingham Trent University

The Nottingham trials are meant to show how well the MODUM project approach will work in a relatively well developed transportation environment. The trials are planned for the middle of 2014, but users will be invited to subscribe and download the relevant software in the beginning of 2014.

The Nottingham trials are planned to take place on one of the most disrupted routes currently in Nottingham – around the Beeston area of the city towards the Nottingham City Centre. The area is severely affected by the ongoing tram building and development works. Having said that the area is also rich in different modes of transport – tram, bus, car.

Since Nottingham is also a place with SCOOT traffic control system implementation, the trials will heavily rely on the following input methods to detect the traffic to best possible degree:
- SCOOT inductive loops data
- In traffic lights Bluetooth sensors
- Mobile phone positioning data
- In car positioning devices
- Real time bus positioning data

The trials will cover a route to the city centre around 6 km long with 11 crossings with traffic lights. The traffic lights will be used to install (as in Sofia) Bluetooth devices probing the traffic density by sensing passing cars where the passengers mobile phones have their Bluetooth enabled.

The MODUM system will be able to sense the current situation of the traffic from the different sources of traffic data and give appropriate advice – mainly to take the people off the cars and re-direct to trains or busses. The advice for the commuters living in Beeston area of Nottingham will also include, for those who can cycle, the cycling option depending on the weather conditions.

The MODUM project is currently installing in Nottingham the traffic lights Bluetooth devices.




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