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Article written by Nikolay Mehandjiev, University of Manchester

The MODUM consortium has now determined the basic parameters of the validation trials of the MODUM results in Sofia. These trials are planned for the beginning of 2014, but users will be invited to subscribe and download the relevant software in Autumn 2013.

The trials will involve the MODUM system guiding commuters on one of the busiest corridors in Sofia, starting from the residential area Nadezhda but also involving commuters arriving from outside Sofia. The first key point on the route would be the metro station Beli Dunav, which is 3 km inside the ring road. The station has park& ride facilities, and is shared between the two lines of the Sofia metro system. It is close to the starting point of two alternative car routes into the central zone Sofia, a number of bus routes and even a cycle lane.

The metro line into Central Sofia has 8 stops, whilst the car route is 7.5 km long, with 13 crossings with traffic lights. The traffic lights will be used to install Bluetooth devices probing the traffic density by sensing passing cars where the passengers’ mobile phones have their Bluetooth enabled.

Depending on the status of the transport alternatives, people arriving from the ring road and from the Nadezhda residential area will be advised to either park their cars at the metro station and continue their journey with metro or to take a certain route to get to the city center by car. The advice for the commuters living in Nadezhda will also include busses and, for those who can cycle, will include the cycling option depending on the weather conditions.

SUMC will use the following resources to disseminate the event and attract more participants:

The members from SUMC, NTU and UNIMAN will meet once again Sofia in July to coordinate and plan activities for the trials.




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