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requirements for Multi-modal route guidance systems


Article written by Abdallah Namoune, University of Manchester

We conducted a series of studies with actual commuters to firstly understand the current travel behaviour and practices in Europe and secondly identify user requirements for the MODUM system. In total 208 people participated in our studies. Of whom, 122 commuters responded to an online questionnaire, 74 commuters participated in focus group discussions, and 12 representatives from traffic control and management centres in Nottingham (UK) and Sofia (Bulgaria) took part in a 2-round expert study. It was necessary to include diverse users to enable MODUM to provide flexible solutions that utilise various modes of transport.

The results induced 42 user requirements, which were grouped into the following major themes: cost & affordability of transport, accessibility, quality of traffic information and suggestions, usability of navigation systems, dissemination of traffic information, feedback and expected benefits, privacy and security of personal information, personalisation and customisation. These user requirements are expected to lead to a positive behavioural change for sustainable travel, especially the delivery of real-time and accurate traffic updates to make people aware of traffic disruptions, jams, and accidents, the need to show expected gains (e.g. money and time) and incurred costs (e.g. CO2 emissions) for specific journeys, the need to show flexible multi-mode journey routes (e.g. route solutions using a car, public transport…etc), the need to personalise travel route solutions to user preferences, circumstances, and abilities. These measures are incorporated into MODUM route guidance system and anticipated to improve commuter’s travel experience and change their commuting habits for a greener environment.




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