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Article written by Abdallah Namoune, University of Manchester

At the core of MODUM lie two primary traffic management systems: a multi-agent system and an ant-based system. These systems are used as the foundation for all the development efforts within MODUM, and form the backbone of the MODUM overall system. Each system offers a unique solution to find the most CO2-efficient travel routes between an origin and a destination within a transport network.

The multi-agent system represents the physical transport infrastructure (e.g. streets, buses, trams, and bicycle routes) and optimises their use according to metrics based on efficient traffic flow, minimised traffic congestion, and reduced CO2 emissions.

The ant-based system provides a traffic coordination infrastructure, which supports multi-modal traffic and goes beyond an ICT infrastructure, offering communication and computation services, and traffic coordination related services. This system coordinates the traffic flows in real-time, i.e. as an online system. Users are not known upfront and appear on the traffic management system as they plan a trip. Real-time traffic conditions are also taken into account, e.g. car accidents, and weather conditions.

Despite their differences, the two traffic management systems are complementary within the context of MODUM, where the multi-agent system calculates the best travel route, which is then used to guide the search of the ant-based system. Essentially, ants will use the solution of the multi-agent system as a starting point to explore the traffic network and optimise the solution further if possible.




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