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Sofia Centre for Mobility

Sofia Centre for Mobility


Sofia Centre for Mobility (SCT) has relevance to the following departments: Traffic Coordination, Control and Safety Centre, under the Exploitation Department, that carries out the coordination and control of the transportation activity of the metropolitan public conveyances, as well as the safety of traffic; Revenue Collection Centre, under the Department of Economy, its activity being to realize the revenues from passenger transportation and advertisement; and Public Transport Development Centre, subordinated directly to the Manager of Metropolitan Public Conveyances Co. Ltd., Sofia, where development, designing and innovation take place. SCT keeps a permanent radio contact with the Transport Control operators, who are subordinate to SCT; they deliver information on the state of the traffic situation in the city. Under disturbances of the transport SCT coordinates the operation of all modes of the public transport for overcoming any emergency situations. SCT has decision-making power under provisional organizations of the traffic, which have been necessitated by emergency situations, in operative manner, concerning both operational companies, thus assisting them for prompt overcoming emergency situations. SCT monitors periodically the traffic safety, by means of monitoring the transport, by the elements of culture of services and performance by the subsidiary companies and observes the Traffic Act. During the last few years the company has implemented a range of projects with the main goal to improve continuously the quality of public transport services: GPS surveillance system – it is developed and implemented with cooperation of Bulgarian company MUSAT. The system coordinate, control and monitor the operation of all the public transport vehicles; Electronic information boards on public transport stops in Sofia – thanks to the GPS system we are able to define the position of each vehicle and calculate the real time of its arrival at the stop. Electronic information boards are installed in most of the stops in the centre of the city. They show the passengers the information about real movement of the vehicles – at what time the next vehicle will be at the stop; Virtual electronic boards – this is a pilot project. This is a new service developed recently by SCT which allows passengers to access the information from GPS system (time-table in real time) through SCT web page; Announcement of stops in the vehicles – this is in a process of developing. Thanks to the GPS system we will be able to announce the stops in the vehicles; and Electronic ticketing system - SCT is in the process of installation and implementation of a new electronic ticketing system in the Sofia public transport. It will allow us to identify the number of passengers travelling in the vehicles of the city public transport, to track and analyse passengers flow.

Sofia Centre for Mobility (SCT) is the Public authority responsible for the pilot trial in Sofia, Bulgaria. They will provide static and dynamic information on public transport stops and stations in Sofia, covering every type of transport - tram, trolley-bus, bus and metro transport - available in the city.


MODUM addresses the environmental footprint in the transport sector by developing a new approach for pro-active demand-responsive management of traffic. This approach enables energy-efficient multi-modal transport choices accommodating dynamic variations, minimising the environmental impact and improving the quality of life in urban environments.


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