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Technolution is a project development bureau in the technical automation sector. We design, develop and integrate technology solutions using electronics and software. Technolution realizes these solutions by using that combination of technological possibilities and standards that contributes most to a better performance. To be able to advise our customers permanently on new technological developments, Technolution makes substantial investments in research. We familiarize ourselves with a new technology before we apply it in projects for our customers. Where Technolution takes care of the technological issues, our customers can focus on their core competencies. Technolution, as a project based engineering company, has an extensive record of innovative researched based project in partnership with the European Commission, in both the 6th and 7th framework.  The subject matter covers both co-operative vehicle systems with both on board unit and infrastructure communication; to the development of intelligent road network management capability to impact on environmental targets for member states.

Technolution leads the development of the delivery systems and test harnesses which are used for taking the experimental systems and making them suitable for lab and field trial activities.


MODUM addresses the environmental footprint in the transport sector by developing a new approach for pro-active demand-responsive management of traffic. This approach enables energy-efficient multi-modal transport choices accommodating dynamic variations, minimising the environmental impact and improving the quality of life in urban environments.


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