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Transport & Mobility Leuven

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Transport & Mobility Leuven (TML) performs applied research to support policy decisions. It is our mission to help society by offering scientifically sound analyses. For this, we rely on quantitative research: modelling, statistical analyses, simulations, and prognoses. Our work fields are traffic, passenger and freight transport and the related economic impact and environmental problems. The integration between passenger and freight transport, economics and environment gives us a unique position within Europe. Transport & Mobility Leuven has been founded in 2002. Its shareholders are the K.U.Leuven and TNO. The knowledge of both institutes has been bundled and further applied to support policy decisions. The excellent relation with our shareholders guarantees that TML is always up to date with the most recent state-of-the-art. Our focus is both scientifically as practical: we are the bridge between the university and society. Our clients are the European Commission, national governments and administrations, local and regional authorities as well as sector associations and non-profit organisations.

Transport & Mobility Leuven is the project coordinator and task leader for evaluation / assessment and validation activities for data from models and the two test sites, particularly in terms of emissions modelling.


MODUM addresses the environmental footprint in the transport sector by developing a new approach for pro-active demand-responsive management of traffic. This approach enables energy-efficient multi-modal transport choices accommodating dynamic variations, minimising the environmental impact and improving the quality of life in urban environments.


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